Prepaid Funeral Plans and how to choose the best one.

prepaid funeral plans

Prepaid funeral plans are a very important part of peoples planning these days.  Few families can comfortably come up with several thousand pounds at the – often unexpected – drop of a hat.  And with the cost of funeral already nearly 50% higher than it was just 5 short years ago, just popping money into a low interest savings account won’t sort things out.

Neither will buying one of those awful Over 50’s where a couple of missed payment can mean that you lose every penny you have paid in, perhaps a few months before you die. They normally have no inflation proofing either.  If you have one already, then we have a special top up pre paid funeral plan that will help, so you don’t have to cancel the Over 50s plan.

So why would you come to me for advice on a prepaid funeral?

I have had a thorough grounding in advance funeral planning with one of the leading providers in the country.   They offer great plans, but what I did discover was that no one funeral plan provider offers the ideal plan for every circumstance.  And some plans are sold on the ignorance of the public and their failure to read the awful terms and conditions of the plans.  Many don’t actually pay for the funeral, believe it or not.  But they are still called funeral plans.

So please, if you want to put aside some money to avoid additional stress on those left behind, contact me.   I have the Research Team at Best Funeral Plans behind me and their research on the market is updated on a daily basis as things change.

Here is a brief summary of the types of funeral plans.

  1. Over 50s life insurance – NOT a funeral plan!
  2. Direct Cremation Plans: these cut out any family involvement, but they are low cost. The undertaker removes the deceased and cremates them.  No service, no viewing and quite likely to upset friends and family members alike if they had expected a normal funeral as a last goodbye.
  3. Base Plans: these just pay the funeral director and make no allowance for third part costs (disbursements) such as ministers, crematorium and doctors fees (averaging around £1100 in early 2017.)
  4. Cut Down Plans. These keep costs down by being cremation only, funeral director chosen by the provider.  The crematorium may be some distance away, and the ceremony will be over before ten in the morning.
  5. Standard Plans. Cover the funeral directors costs and normally the cost of cremation, minister and doctors fees.  If you are being buried, the plot will need to be purchased separately, as is always the case, but there is an allowance for the digging and refilling.
  6. Posher Plans – you can add limousines, expensive coffins or pretty much whatever you want.
  7. Environmentally Conscious or Green Plans.  We often get asked about these, and there are some good ones available, but they are always more expensive – even cardboard coffins cost more than standard wood ones.

Whatever your wishes, I can help, so please give me a call even if it is just for a chat about funeral plans.  I am on 02380 693172.